3rd king of the Medians (Medes) from 625-585 BC (40 years) aka Cyaxeres who united the Persian empire (Iranians), worked with the Babylonians to destroy the Assyrian Empire

a.k.a.Cyaxares, Cyaxeres
life625 BC-585 BC

King Abdulaziz

32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1861-1876

King Abdullah I

King of Jordan from 1921-1951, assassinated, House of Hashemites (descendents of Muhammad)

Adelaide of Normandy

Countess of Aumale from 1069-1087, sister of William the Conqueror
1030-1090 (60)


Ruler of Mercia


Lady of the Mercians, ruler of the Kingdom of Mercia and the English Midlands from 911-918 AD, House of Wessex, eldest daughter of Alfred the Great, granddaughter of Lord Æthelwulf
870 AD-918 AD


King of Wessex from 865-871 AD, ruler of Mercia
837 AD-871 AD

King Ahab

7th King of Judah, his father was King Omri


Pharaoh of Egypt, eruption of Thera


Emperor of Japan

Tsar Alexander II of Russia

Tsar Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland from 1855-1881 when he was assassinated, godparent of Queen Victoria
1818-1881 (63)

Alexander II of Scotland

King of Scotland from 1214-1249
1198-1249 (51)

Tsar Alexander III of Russia

Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland from 1881-1894
1845-1894 (49)

Alfonso I of Portugal

House of Burgundy, 1st King of Portugal 1139-1185, declaration of Portuguese independence from the Kingdom of León in 1139 and stole Lisbon (Santarém) from the Islamic caliphate in 1147
1109-1185 (76)

Alfonso the Great

Ruler of the Asturian Kingdom of León, modern day Iberian peninsula of Spain & Portugal

King Alfred the Great

King of Wessex (West Saxons) from 871-899 AD, King of the Anglo-Saxons from 886-899 AD
848 AD-899 AD

Anna Jagiellon

Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania from 1575-1587, last of the Jagiellonian dynasty


Assyrian anti-Christ aka Assur, Asshur, Ashur, Asur


King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924-927 AD, Kingdom of Northumbria, House of Wessex, the first (and perhaps greatest) King of the English from 927-939 AD

Attila the Hun

Barbarian ruler of the Huns, Ostrogoths, Alans and Bulgars from 434-453 AD
-453 AD

Romulus Augustulus

Roman emperor of the West from 475-476, deposed by Boethius
465 CE-511 CE (46)


6th emperor of the Mughal Empire from 1658-1707, emperor of India from 1658-1707
1618-1707 (89)

Batu Khan

Ruler of the Mongols, grandson of Genghis Khan, founder of the Golden Horde of the Mongol Empire, defeated the Bulgarians in 1236, defeated the Teutonic Knights and captured Kiev Ukraine and Poland in 1240, hegemony over Russia until 1380
1205-1255 (50)

Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria

Tsar of Bulgaria from 1918-1943


King of Egypt from 44-30 BCE, oldest son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
47 BCE-30 BCE

Carloman II

Co-King of Southwest Francia from 879-884 AD with his brother Louis III of France, Carolingian dynasty, sole ruler of West Francia from 882-884 AD after his brother died

Carloman of Bavaria

King of the Franks (East Francia) from 876-880 AD, governor of Carantania in 856, Carolingian dynasty, son of Louis the German (of Charlemagne), his son was Arnulf
830 AD-880 AD

Catherine I

Empress of Russia from 1725-1727, House of Romanov, second wife of Peter I the Great of Russia
1684-1727 (43)

Nicolae Ceaușescu

Ruler aka Chauchescu, dictator of Romania from 1965-1989, Communist Party politician
1918-1989 (71)

Chandragupta Maurya

First ruler of India, the Maurya dynasty

Charles Albert

King of Sardinia

Charles Felix

King of Sardinia-Piedmont from 1821-31, duke of Savoy

King, Charles I

King of Scotland from 1625-1649, during the Caroline era is from Carolus (Latin for Charles) at the peak of the English Civil War (1642-1651)

Charles IV, the Fair of France

King of France and King of Navarre from 1322-1328, last king from the House of Capet

Charles III, the Simple

King of West Francia from 898-922 AD, Kng of Lotharingia from 911-923 AD, member of the Carolingian dynasty

King Charles VI, the Mad of France

King of France from 1380-1422, House of Valois

King Charles VI, the Victorious of France

King of France from 1422-1461, House of Valois
1403-1461 (58)

Charles VIII, the Affable of France

King of France from 1483-1498, Duke of Bourbon, Italian Wars at the Kingdom of Naples in 1494-1495

Christian V

King of Denmark and Norway, House of Hesse-Kassel

Christian VI of Denmark

King of Denmark and Norway

Christian VII of Denmark

King of Denmark and Norway, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, House of Oldenburg
1749-1808 (59)

Cola di Rienzo

ruler of Rome in 1347

Constantine II of Scotland

King of Scotland from 900-943 AD, House of Alpin
-952 AD

Cosimo the Elder de' Medici

Lord of Florence from 1434-1464, politician aka Cosimo the Elder, merchant banker, textiles merchant, created the Platonic Academy in Florence

Cynewulf of Wessex

King of Wessex from 757-786 AD

Cyrus I of Anshan

King of Anshan from 600-580 BCE, theologian of Zoroastrianism
-580 BC

David I of Scotland

King of Scotland from 1124-1153, Prince of the Cumbrians from 1113 to 1124
1084-1153 (69)

David II of Scotland

King of Scots, King of Scotland from 1329-1371

Duncan I of Scotland

King of the Scots (Alba), King of Scotland from 1034-1040, son of Malcolm III, grandson of Malcolm II, historical reference in MacBeth
1001-1040 (39)

King Ecbert

King of Wessex (West Saxons of England) fom 802-839 CE
771-839 (68)

King Edward I

King of England from 1272-1307, coin clipping (counterfeiting) scandal by Jews in 1275 led to the round-up & hangings in 1279 (Statute of the Jewry)
1239-1307 (68)

Edward the Eloquent, Philosopher King of Portugal

King of Portugal from 1433-1438, Lord of Ceuta, son of John I of Portugal

Edward II

King of England, Lord of Ireland from 1307-1327
1284-1327 (43)

Edward III

King of England from 1327-1377
1312-1377 (65)

Edward the Confessor

King of the Anglo-Saxons from 1046-1066, exiled in 1016, son of Ethelred the Redeless and Emma of Normandy
1004-1066 (62)

King Edward the Elder

King of the Anglo-Saxons from 899-924 AD
874 AD-924 AD

Edward V

King of England, Lord of Ireland in 1483 for a few months, until Richard III seized the throne

Protestant King Edward VI

King Edward the 6th, King of England from 1547-1553, first Protestant monarch during the Puritanical movement of the Church of England, son of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour and his sisters were Mary I of England and Queen Elizabeth I
1537-1553 (16)

Eric IV of Denmark

King of Denmark from 1241-1250, infamous for uncivil wars with his brothers
1216-1250 (34)

Ethelred I

King of Wessex from 865-871
837 AD-871

King Ethelred II the Redeless

King of the English from 978-1016
968 AD-1016

Faisal I of Iraq and Syria

King of the Arab Kingdom of Greater Syria in 1920, King of Iraq from 1921-1933
1885-1933 (48)

Faisal II

King of Iraq from 1939-1958, killed on the 14 July Revolution, monarchy of the Hashemites

King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

King of Saudia Arabia from 1964-1975, statesman, diplomat, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, assassinated
1906-1975 (69)

Emperor Ferdinand, I of Austria

Emperor of Austria from 1835-1848, he abdicated the throne, founded the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway in 1837 for the Austrian Empire routes connecting Vienna with Kraków, Poland
1793-1875 (82)

Ferdinand I of Bugaria

Tsar of Bulgaria, emperor

Ferdinand II of Aragon

Roman Catholic King of Castile, Aragon and Naples from 1475-1504
1452-1516 (64)

Ferdinand II of Naples

King of Naples from 1495-1496
1467-1496 (29)

Ferdinand III, the Saint of Castile

King of Castile from 1217-1252, King of León from 1230-1252
1199-1252 (53)

King Francis I, of France

King of France from 1515-1547, succeeded his father-in-law Louis XII, Count of Valois-Angoulême, Count of Louise, Count of Savoy
1494-1547 (53)

Frederick IV of Denmark

King of Denmark and Norway from 1699-1730, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, House of Oldenburg
1671-1730 (59)

Frederick IV, the Righteous

House of Wittelsbach, elector Palatine of the Rhine
1574-1610 (36)

Frederick V of Denmark

King of Denmark and Norway from 1746-1766, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, son of Christian VI

Frederick William III of Prussia

King of Prussia from 1797-1840 during the Napoleonic wars, elector of Brandenburg for the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806
1770-1840 (70)

Frederick William IV

King of Prussia from 1840-1861 during the Revolution of 1848
1795-1861 (66)

Fuad I of Egypt

King of Egypt in 1922 after declaration of Egyptian indepence by the United Kingdom, Sultan of Egypt in 1917
1868-1936 (68)

Fuad II of Egypt

King of Egypt and the Sudan from 1952-1953

Gustaf IV Adolf

King of Sweden from 1792-1809, monarch and ruler of Finland
1778-1837 (59)

Haakon I, the Good of Norway

King of Norway from 934-961 AD

Haakon IV, the Old

King of Norway from 1217-1263
1204-1263 (59)

Haakon the Young

King of Norway from 1240-1257
1232-1257 (25)

Haakon V

King of Norway from 1299-1319

Haakon VI

King of Norway from 1343-1380, King of Sweden from 1362-1364
1340-1380 (40)

Haile Selassie

Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930-1974, Regent Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia for Empress Zewditu from 1916-1930
1892-1975 (83)

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani living

Emir Sheikh of Qatar from 1995-2013, member of the Al Thani Qatari royal family
1952- (72)


King of the Amorites, 6th king of the First Babylonian dynasty from 1792-1750 BC

Harald Fairhair

King of Norway from 872-930 AD

King Henry II of England

King of England from 1154-1189, House of Plantagenets (Lancastrians), Duke of Normandy in 1150, his son John of England (the hidden king) lost to Philip II of France which led to the Magna Carta in 1215

Henry II of Castile

King of Castile and Leon in 1369, fought in the Hundred Years War and the Fernandine Wars
1334-1379 (45)

Henry II of France

King of France, founded the Chambre Ardente in 1547 (which disbanded in 1550)

King Henry III of England

Lancastrian House of Plantagenets (House of Lancaster)

Henry III, King of France

King of France from 1574-1589, assassinated, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1573-1575
1551-1589 (38)

Henry IV of England

King of England from 1399-1413, grandson of King Edward III, grandson of Philip IV of France, his son was King Louis XIII

Henry the Impotent, IV of Castile

King of Castile and León from 1454-1474
1425-1474 (49)

Henry the Fowler

King of East Francia from 919-936 AD, Duke of Saxony from 912-936 AD
876-936 (60)

King Henry VI of England

King of England, Lord of Ireland from 1422-1461 and briefly again 1470-1471, disputed King of France from 1422-1453, House of Hohenstaufen, scholar, founder of Eton College, King's College at Cambridge
1421-1471 (50)

Herod Antipas

Tetrarch ruler of Galilee and Perea (part of the Roman Empire), son of Herod the Great (Herod I)
21 BCE-39 AD

Herod I, the Great

Ruler of the Herodian kingdom of Judea from 37-4 BCE, architect of the city of Sebaste in ancient Samaria, rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem, married Mariamne of the Hasmonean dynasty
73 BCE-4 BCE

Horik I

King of the Danes and the Kingdom of Denmark from 813-854 AD, known for raids on Charlemagne's son Louis the Pious and the Carolingian empire

Ian Smith

ruler of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

Ibn, Saud I

King of Saudi Arabia from 1932-1953, political activist, founder of the Saudi state, known today as Saudi Arabia

Ivan III

Grand Prince of Moscow

King James II of Scotland

King of Scots, King of Scotland from 1437-1460

King James III of Scotland

King of Scotland from 1460-1488

John de Balliol

King of Scotland

King John I of Portugal

King of Portugal from 1385-1433
1357-1433 (76)

John II of Castile

King of Castile from 1406-1454
1405-1454 (49)

John Sigismund Zápolya, King John II of Hungary

King of Hungary from 1540 to 1551 and 1556-1570

John II of Portugal

King of Portugal in 1477 and from 1481-1495
1455-1495 (40)

John III of Portugal

King of Portugal and the Algarves from 1521-1557
1502-1557 (55)

John III of Sweden

King of Sweden from 1568-1592

John II, the Good of France

King of France from 1350-1364, during the Black Death (Black Plague)
1319-1364 (45)

John II, the Perfect Prince

King of Portugal from 1481-1495

John III, the Pious (of Portugal)

King of Portugal and the Alvgarves from 1521-1557, Spanish inquisitions

King Josiah

King of Judah, messiah of the Davidic covenant, bad politician who got himself killed by the Egyptians, all kings were sacrificed for the desire of a centralized religion, however a model of kingly virtue (Deuteronomy) who died at Tel Megiddo, had 4 sons; Johanan, Jehoiakim, Zedekiah, Shallum

Spanish King Juan Carlos

King of Spain from 1975-2014, Duke of Parma

King Kalākaua

King of Hawaii aka The Merrie Monarch, King Kalākaua, David Kalākaua, last king of the Kingdom of Hawaii (Hawai'i) from 1874-1891, political reformer, musician
1836-1891 (55)


Ayatollah, religious leader, Supreme Leader of Iran from 1979-1989, British MI6 intelligence officer
1902-1989 (87)

King James I of England (VI of Scotland)

King of Scotland in 1567 (as James VI), King of England and Ireland in 1603-1625 (as James I), Jacobean era and the union of Scottish and English crowns, founder of Virginia Company in 1606, famous for translating the King James version of the bible and the "Union of Crowns" commonwealth with Pope Paul V
1566-1625 (59)

Stephen of Blois, King of England

King of England from 1135-1154, Duke of Normandy from 1135-1144, grandson of William the Conqueror
1097-1154 (57)


Bogomil ruler of Bosnia from 1180-1204, pioneer in Bogomilism

Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Prime Minister of Singapore aka LKY (or "Lucky") spanning three (3) decades from 1959-1990, authoritarian, founding father of Singapore

Lothair II

Frankish King of the Lotharingians (Kingdom of Lothair) and the Franks (Germany)
835 AD-869 AD

Louis I of Hungary

King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342-1382, King of Poland from 1370-1382, Duke of Transylvania from 1339-1342

Louis I of Hungary

King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342-1382, King of Poland from 1370-1382
1326-1382 (56)

King Louis III of Bavaria

King of Bavaria from 1913 to 1918, House of Wittelsbach
1845-1921 (76)

Louis IV of France

King of West Francia (France) from 936-954 AD

King Louis IX of France

King of France from 1226-1270, Roman Catholic priest, died in the Eighth Crusade at Tunis
1214-1270 (56)

Louis the Blind

Holy Roman Emperor from 901-905 AD, King of the Franks and Provence, King of Italy from 900-905, blinded in a failed invasion to restore power in Italy, Carolingian dynasty
880 AD-928 AD

King Louis V of France, the Do-Nothing

King of West Francia from 979-986 AD, with his father Lothair I (Lothar I)
966 AD-987 AD

King Louis VI of France, the Fighter

King of the Franks (France) from 1108-1137
1081-1137 (56)

King Louis VII of France, the Younger

King of the Franks (France) from 1137-1180

King Louis VIII of France, the Lion

King of France from 1223-1226, House of Capet
1187-1226 (39)

King Louis X, the Quarrelsome

King of France from 1314-1316, King of Navarre from 1305-1316

King Louis XI, the Prudent

King of France from 1461-1483, consired a hopeless imbecile by peers & historians
1423-1483 (60)

King Louis XII

King of France from 1498-1515, King of Naples from 1501-1504, House of Habsburg, duc d'Orléans (Duke of Orléans), Duke of Milan after the Italian Wars
1462-1515 (53)

Ludwig I of Bavaria

King of Bavaria from 1825-1848 until the German revolutions

Ludwig II of Bavaria

King of Bavaria from 1864-1886, Duke of Bavaria, Duke of Franconia, Duke of Swabia


Sumerian king of Uruk from 2358-2334 BCE


Kingdom of Umma, Akkadian empire
-2350 BCE

Magnus VI of Norway

King of Norway from 1263-1280
1238-1280 (42)

Magnus VII

King of Norway

Malcolm I of Scotland

King of the Scots (Alba), King of Alba from 943-954 AD

Malcolm II the Destroyer

King of the Scots (Alba), King of Scotland from 1005-1034
954-1034 (80)

Malcolm III of Scotland

King of the Scots (Alba), King of Scotland from 1058-1093, House of Dunkeld, House of Canmore, son of Duncan I
1031-1093 (62)

Malcolm IV of Scotland

King of Scots, King of Scotland from 1153-1165
1141-1165 (24)


King of Sicily from 1258-1266

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