Jim Semple  📷

computer programmer, bartender, researcher, genealogist, entrepreneur, software developer at Cyazer (Semple Ventures), big data scientist, C#/PHP web developer, React developer, Linux/DevOps, database admin, foodie, world traveler, animal lover, dogs


study of descendents. trace a family tree.

Moses Yale Beach 

genealogist, pioneer in geneology, socialite, publisher of Genealogical and Geographical Notices of the Principal Persons in 1846, The Wealth and Biography of the Wealthy Citizens of the City of New York

Louis Keller 

genealogist, genealogical news publisher of family trees, socialite, newspaper columnist, founder of the Social Register in 1880 one of the leading society blue books

John Burke 

genealogist, socialite, pioneer in genealogy and ancestry of British peerage, founder of Burke's Peerage in 1826, genealogical news publisher


Genealogists, family trees, peerage

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